JEN Z is a Vancouver based pop singer and multi-instrumentalist who wrote her first song about chocolate when she was 12. Since then, her knack for both DIY (Do It Yourself) and music has amassed a community of over 2.6M YouTube subscribers, creating one of Canada’s biggest success stories. Inspired by the nostalgic 2000s pop anthems of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, JEN Z writes about self growth, love, and evolving into adulthood through catchy pop melodies and unforgettable lyrics. Though she has garnered an impressive 200+ million views on her YouTube videos since starting her channel in 2013, she still insists on keeping her process very “DIY,” writing songs in her childhood bedroom, recording vocals under blankets and pillows, and even sewing her own concert outfits from scratch. 

In 2020, she created “The Glow Up Project,” a self-directed and self-produced YouTube series and original soundtrack that explores mental health and identity, gaining over 2.7M views and 7.2M soundtrack streams. In addition to making music and videos, JEN Z formerly studied Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University (NYU).



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